Lake Agnes & Tea House

Distance: 1.5 km to the lake, allow 1-1.5 hours one way.

Access: Follow the paved shoreline trail in front of Lake Louise for about 200 m  until you see a trail sign for Lake Agnes. The trail leads uphill to the right.

Tips: Don’t forget to pack water as this hike is entirely uphill. If you want to purchase some yummy treats for yourself after an uphill hike make sure you bring cash for the tea house. They accept Canadian and U.S. dollars. It’s a little expensive, but good food!

Lake Agnes has been on my to-do list since I first moved to Jasper. It’s strange that it took me five years to finally get up there but at the same time, I knew of the crowds that clogged the trail and felt my time would be better spent on a more secluded trail away from the hoards of tourists.10385477_10152178058907286_6344261132454649739_n

Well, I finally bit the bullet and made myself go to the lake. I’m glad I did and somewhat upset I didn’t do thi
s sooner. Yes, there were lots of people on the trail but most of the traffic it seemed was heading back down the trail so I had high hopes that the tea house wouldn’t be crazy busy.

I would call this your typical mountain hiking situation. The hike started out with the sun shining and a good amount of heat. By the time I had reached the top, the temperature had dropped a good 10 degrees and the clouds were rolling in. The wind picked up and I found myself in a sleet storm. When I say you need to be prepared for anything, this is exactly what I mean. The weather changes every half hour!

There are so many side trips from Lake Agnes but because of my limited time to do this hike I made it to Lake Agnes and spent some time at the tea house instead of journeying further.

The first 1.7 kilometers follow a well graded path wide enough to pass people if you need. There is a lot of traffic so don’t be surprised if you find yourself tailing someone or being tailed. At 1.7 km you make the first switchback and are afforded your first view of Lake Louise below. Another kilometer brings you to Mirror Lake. A small, dark lake that has some benches to enjoy the view from. The trail also branches off to other destinations including Plain of Six Glaciers, Big Beehive, and the Highline trail.

If you continue right you will find yourself at Lake Agnes after another kilometer. Directly below the tea house is a waterfall which you can reach quite easily. Immediately right of the waterfall is a staircase that takes you up to the lake and tea house. You can walk along the western edge of the lake for another 0.8 kilometers to gain a different perspective. This trail also leads to Big Beehive and the Plain of Six Glaciers.

The tea house is always quite busy, I managed to grab a seat at a table and munched down on a
giant cookie and a delicious Chai tea latte. They only take cash so make sure you pack some money if you plan on snacking.

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