Overlander Falls

Sometimes you just need to get away from the crowds. 

Distance: 0.5km to falls from parking lot; 6kms for the entire Fraser River circuit

Access: The parking lot it about 1.5kms east of the Mount Robson Visitor Centre on highway 16.

While the trail to Kinney Lake and Berg Lake in Mount Robson Provincial Park is absolutely stunning, it is also one of the most congested trails during the summer season. In their rush to reach the most well known trail in the area, most people drive right by the trailhead for Overlander Falls.

The trail begins directly from the parking lot and descends quickly to the falls lookout point. During the summer months you will often see kayakers making epic journeys over the 30 feet drop then descending further down the river. It’s quite fun to watch them and cheer each of them on as they take turns.

You can make the quick trip to the falls lookout, or if you have time, you can complete a longer route along the Fraser River circuit. From this trail you can enjoy the sites as the glistening, emerald green rapids roar beneath you. The trail comes out of the forest on Hargreaves Road. From here, you’ll follow the road towards the main highway and end up at the Mount Robson Visitor Centre.

Depending on where you started the trail, you’ll have to either re-trace your steps along the trail to get back to the parking lot, or walk up the highway shoulder up the hill. I don’t recommend walking along the highway, it’s loud, dusty, and dangerous to be on the shoulder with traffic streaming by at 90km/hr.

Either way, the falls are a sure stop along the highway and a nice way to get away from the craziness that is the Berg Lake trail and Rearguard Falls trail.


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