About Me

In 2010, I found myself living in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

I’d never been away from home for more than a few weeks so moving to another province for the summer was a whole new experience. But what an experience. I moved every summer to Jasper National Park for four months in between my studies at the University of Saskatchewan. Now, I live and work full time in Jasper. Guess you could say I’m living my dream.

I’ve never experienced anything quite as amazing as the mountains. I get physical pain just thinking about it when I’m away during the winter. Because of these lusting pains, I decided to write a blog dedicated to sharing my experiences in the backcountry. I do a different hike every weekend in the mountains and this is my way of sharing it with people who understand the majesty and ultimate solitude that is attainable at the top of a mountain. More recently, this blog became my personal challenge to develop my photography and writing skills. If you’ve never been to the mountains or have never experienced the backcountry, then I hope this blog inspires you to try it. Leave your city life behind and immerse yourself in complete wonder.

I try to incorporate something personal into each post. Every hike holds a different story and something exciting, scary, or life changing happens each time. I hope to incorporate other journeys such as my flat water kayaking adventures and stories of mountain people too as the blog gets growing.

If you have experienced any of the things I write about, leave a comment and share your own story! CSC_0914

I am also an OCC (Outdoor Council of Canada) member with Field Leader Certification in hiking.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for your nice report on canoeing to Spirit island. Enjoyed it. We did a little kayaking on the lake but maybe next time will try to be more ambitious

    1. Thanks, Garry. It’s always good to test the waters before heading out on a big trip anyway. Hope you get a chance to come back and give it a go!

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