Before You Hike

Every year inexperienced hikers make their way into the backcountry hoping to experience the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. Most have done some research on hiking through our landscape and are prepared for the basics: bears, mosquitoes, rocks, and water. Others are not so ready and the experience is less than fun for all.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before you venture out on a new trail in the mountains:

1. Check the Parks Canada trail report website for updated information on trail conditions. Things like bear warnings, avalanche bulletins, tree falls, and bridge washouts are all reported and communicated via this
website. Lake Agnes Trail

2. For more serious hikes stop in to a Visitor Info Center to get accurate weather
forecasting, buy a backcountry pass (mandatory), and talk face to face about the trail you’re interested in taking on. Parks Visitor Cent
ers are generally bi-lingual.

3. Leave your itinerary with someone. Whether you’re doing some day hiking or taking on a multi-day backcountry expedition, let someone know where you’re heading and when they should expect to hear from you again.

4. Know yourself and choose trips that are suitable for your fitness level. Allow extra time for unexpected events or weather.

5. Do a little shopping and pick up your supplies well in advance so that you can pack accordingly.

Here are two checklists to help you get an idea of what you might want to bring on a trip:

Multi- Day Checklist       Day Hike Checklist

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